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We Fix Bleach Stains on Carpet and Perform Deep Stain Removal

Did You Know You Can Dye Carpet?

Are you wondering how to get bleach out of carpet? Have you ever been curious if you can change the color of your carpet? Do you have a heavy stain that will not come out? These are all questions that carpet dyeing can solve. Carpet dyeing works by adding dye to your carpet. Since all carpet is dyed, either solution dyed or acid dyed (solution dyed carpet cannot be dyed) we are able to add colors that are missing to create new colors, restore original colors, or add vibrancy to carpet. At Yep! We Fix Carpet we specialize in carpet dye processes. We can fix bleach stains (spots), change carpet color, and fix heavy carpet stains.

We’re The Best Bleach Spill & Stain Removal Service in Mpls

If you have bleach on carpet from an accidental bleach spill or stubborn stains, look no further because we can help. Carpet dyeing or carpet repair will be 65% to 75% cheaper than carpet replacement.

Serving The Twin Cities And Surrounding Suburbs With Carpet Dyeing.

Our specialists understand color theory and how it applies to carpet dyeing. Our team members have been trained to understand how different chemicals like bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, medications, peroxides, acids and even the sun causes color loss in carpet. Each of these products remove color in carpet a specific way. We are capable of color matching bleach stains (spots) specifically to your carpet’s color scheme. We can repair any carpet color so long as the carpet is dyeable.

Looking for Carpet Patching? Sometimes a Carpet Patch is the Best Scenario Due to Extreme Damage from Spilled Bleach or Acid Bowl Cleaner

Why Choose Carpet Dyeing Over Replacement?

Carpet dyeing works! If the carpet can be dyed and the carpet isn’t damaged then we should be able to repair it perfectly or to an acceptable level. We always aim for 100% perfection but sometimes we/you need to settle for improvement. Typically, if not almost always after the carpet repair from dyeing is done, it is not noticeable to the eye. It is either perfect, close to perfect or good enough to where its a non-issue.

The Carpet Dyeing Process

Part of the carpet dyeing process is qualifying the job. We need to know if the carpet is dyeable. If there’s color loss it’s almost always 100% dyeable. There are exceptions but they are rare. One exception would be polyester and possibly solution dyed nylon carpet (we will visit this topic shortly). If you have a spot that is orange, yellow, green or pink it’s more than likely dyeable. Depending on the type of dyeing we are doing our tools of choice are airbrush, syringe/needle, hand sprayer or portable carpet extractor. The length of time it takes to repair a stain from a bleach spill is determined by how many spots we are fixing. Once the dyeing is done you can walk on the repaired spot immediately without fear of color loss or color transfer. In fact the dyes are so permanent that the repair is 100% colorfast immediately. We warranty the repair for the life of the carpet.

Can Polyester Carpet And Solution Dyed Nylon Be Color Corrected By Dyeing It?

There are various ways for carpet to get its color. Its all through dyeing but what kind of dyeing? There’s disperse dyeing, Vat dyeing, Acid dyeing and solution dyeing to name a few. Solution dyed carpet is where they add a dye color to the plastic so the dye or color is inside the fiber or part of the fiber. It’s on the outside and the inside. They extrude the plastic through something called a spinneret (like spaghetti noodles). The same for solution dyed nylon, but some solution dyed nylon can be dyed but it is harder to do. Acid dyeing is the most typical dyeing for nylon carpet. It’s where there’s a positive and negative charge so the dye and the fiber become attracted to each other and form a permanent bond. Polyester and solution dyed carpet can be color corrected through a specific kind of petroleum wax. Depending on the color and the carpet, it’s possible the color will not be as uniform as regular dyeing, but almost always the results are very acceptable. Polyester carpet will almost always turn purple where there is color loss. It will look like a purple stain on your carpet. Bleach on carpet especially polyester will turn your carpet to a lavender or purple color. Bleach spill on nylon will turn carpet yellow or orange. Acid spilled on carpet will turn the spot green.

Carpet Color Change in Mpls for Residential Homes and Apts

We recommend not changing the color of your carpet unless the carpet is a really light carpet and a certain style. We will consult with you first and possibly try a sample area to see how the color transfers or changes. Some color changes are mostly successful but some colors are really hard to overcome. We recommend staying within the same color family avoiding poor results. Carpet color restorations are your best option and the service that we recommend the most.

Carpet Dyeing For Commercial Carpet Applications

Commercial buildings have commercial style carpet. Commercial carpet is always the best carpet to dye. Typically the carpet is glued straight to the floor (commercial glue down). You get the best results with this type of carpet.

Sun Faded Carpet Repair

The sun fades carpet about 3% per year. This is a very typical carpet dyeing job that is performed on a regular basis. This kind of carpet dyeing repair can be the most difficult due to the blending of faded color into each other. This application can be done for residential homes or businesses.

If you are looking for the best carpet dyeing near me for sun faded carpet, Yep! We fix carpet is your solution. We are proficient in carpet repair, Pet damage carpet repair, Carpet stretching and stain removal. If your dog or cat scratched the steps knocking over the bleach from the laundry room give us a call right away. We service Minnetonka, Wayzata, Edina, Maple Grove, Anoka, Shakopee, Savage, Burnsville, Bloomington and the entire Twin Cities area.

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