Can a damaged carpet be patched? Almost all carpet can be patched or repaired. The most important question is, is it worth it? Carpet repair versus carpet replacement is a no-brainer and we will explain why. Carpets have a lifespan. Some carpets have very long lifespans and others are very short. Depending on expectations, why are you repairing the carpet and do you have remnant carpet available for the repair? The way I’m writing this blog it seems like I’m more concerned about is it worth repairing or fixing the carpet, right? I’m setting up a premise to why a damaged carpet can be repaired? Carpet repair will always be cheaper than carpet installation and unless your current carpet is in absolute desolation then yes it can be repaired regardless of the age of it or if your pet damaged it. Pet damage carpet is an important part of carpet repair and we can help.

What to expect when repairing your damaged carpet. 

  1. Depending on the carpet remnant and its condition, carpet patches will almost always stand out after the repair, but that’s to be expected since most remnant pieces of carpet are brand new pieces fitting in around dirty used carpet.
  2. Carpet patches are permanent but like new carpet they have a lifespan.
  3. De-laminated carpet can be repaired. If there’s significant damage to the carpet backing then the damaged area should be cut and replaced with a remnant piece of carpet.
  4. Repaired carpet can be walked on almost immediately.
  5. After the carpet repair the damaged area can be cleaned without concern for damaging the repaired area.
  6. Carpet repair is considerably cheaper and less expensive than carpet replacement.
  7. The finished repair if done right should be pleasing to the eye. Bad repairs are obvious.


Can a damaged carpet be patched? Of course. When weighing the options between carpet repair and carpet replacement carpet repair will almost always win. Did your pet damage the carpet? Patching a damaged carpet is something that takes a professional to do.


When should you consider carpet replacement versus carpet repair?

Honestly, carpet repair will always win out in regards to cost. Sometimes depending on the damage, the extent of the damage and where carpet damage is at you could make an argument for carpet replacement.

There are very few reasons to replace your carpet versus patching it. Even if the carpet is old and worn.

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