Carpet Cleaning Health Benefits in Minneapolis

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‘The last time I did laundry or wore clean clothes was a year ago’ – said nobody, ever.

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Why? Why do you wash your clothes and have a bath every day? The obvious answers:

  • To look good.

  • To be clean.

Question is, why limit the cleanliness to yourself? The analogy may sound crazy, but your carpets are the clothes for your floor. You have detergents to regularly clean your hardwood floors, but what about the carpets? Ever considered frequently cleaning your carpets in Minneapolis?

Carpets can trap allergens and bacteria and hold them inside, allowing them to multiply over a span of time. The carpets also trap dust particles from the air, and only you know what else – spilled drinks, food, water, the list is endless. The situation can get much worse if you have a baby or small children. Simply vacuuming doesn’t always remove the allergens and bacteria in your carpets.

Needless to say, these dust particles, allergens, and bacteria have a very negative impact on your health. It can even cause lifelong allergies and lung problems, especially if you have children at home.


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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis


Removes Common Allergens

Frequently cleaning your carpets washes out allergy-causing agents which could otherwise cause lifelong or debilitating allergies. This is especially important if you have a pet because carpets retain allergens as well as pet dander.

Inhibit Mold and Bacterial Growth

Months of winter and spring cause a great deal of moisture to seep into your homes. Mold and fungus are not only ugly to look at, but are very dangerous if continually inhaled. Even if you accidentally touch the moldy carpet and then eat with those hands, you could easily get sick.

Frequent cleaning also ensures bacteria that is trapped inside the carpet is washed away. Many types of bacteria cannot survive in water, and even if it could, it is washed down into the sewer and out of your homes when you clean your carpets. It can be a big mistake to ignore regular carpet cleaning in Minneapolis!

Purify Quality of Circulating Air

If you have allergies or asthma, breathing can become laborious for you with a polluted, germ-trodden carpet. The air circulating in your homes traps some allergens and bacteria (they’re real lightweight after all) and if you inhale these, you could be at great risk. Frequently clean your carpets and you’re safe.

No Dust Mites and Resulting Infections

Dust Mites are also known as parasites. These parasites are minute and are the main source of hypersensitivities and many allergies in your home. Especially if you’re allergic to dust, it can prove to be riskier than inhaling bacteria, because your body may be able to fight off bacteria, but it cannot fight-off dust allergies.

Final Word

It is imperative that you breathe fresh, clean air and live in infection-free, safe surroundings. The cleanliness of a carpet is often overlooked, but we believe you can do so at your own peril. It doesn’t matter if your aim is to protect your family, your child, asthma or allergy patients living in your home, or simply to practice cleanliness because it’s safe to do so. Maintaining a healthy home is a must. Get to our contact page to set up an appointment for carpet cleaning in your home, apartment, condo or hotel in Minneapolis.

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