Carpet Damage: Repair or Replace?

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Does your damaged carpet need to be replaced? Well, in most cases, the answer is a big NO. Because for the toughest carpet problems, there is always a repair-over-replace choice: carpet stretching, patching, repair from pet damage, carpet dyeing, rug dyeing, and carpet cleaning. Replacing an entire roomful of carpeting is not only more expensive but it can also be as time consuming as a complete home renovation job. But, how do you know when the damage is repairable and when you need full replacement? Here are some easy carpet repair cases.

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Repair from Pet Damage

Pets love stretching and playing around in our houses, scratching their sharp claws against the carpets. And if the carpet shows signs of pet damage, we have got you covered with an inexpensive carpet repair solution.

Carpet Stretching

If you love your carpet design and want to stretch it out, we are just a call away! We provide the best priced carpet stretching for the quality in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, with convenient same-day scheduling*.

Carpet to Tile Transition

If your carpet shows signs of weary damage and has become so loose that it makes you trip, we totally understand how annoying that can be. Trust us, we can fix the carpet to the tile transition area.

Carpet Dyeing

Spilled bleach on your favorite carpet, discoloring it really bad? We would say no carpet discoloration is bad enough that it is beyond repair. Give us a call for our carpet dyeing solutions, a skilled technician can restore the color loss.

Carpet Seam Repair

If the seams between two carpet segments have been damaged, you don’t have to replace the entire carpet. We do the best seam carpet repair in Minneapolis and St Paul. Contact us today.

Carpet Cleaning

We also provide the best-mechanized carpet cleaning services in Minneapolis and St Paul. In carpet cleaning, we provide both deep cleaning and carpet color restoration.

Carpets can last up to 20 years, but oftentimes we feel the need for a switch because of foul odor, stains, color damage, or other forms of damage. We can fix all of these, from carpet odor removal to color restoration, adding to the longevity of your favorite carpet.

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Why Choose Yep! We Fix Carpet Carpet Repair Over Replacement?

  • Same Day Scheduling*
  • Lifetime Warranty On Most Repairs
  • Free Carpet Spotter for Life
  • Fast, Friendly Service Every Time

To us, carpet repair is an art we love practicing daily. And we, at Yep! We Fix Carpet, have proven repair solutions for the smallest to largest carpet damages. If you are interested in understanding how we do carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, carpet dyeing, or more, contact us today! We deliver quality carpet repair services across Minneapolis, St. Paul, Richfield, Bloomington, Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Woodbury, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina, Plymouth, Maple Grove and more.

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