Carpet Dyeing: Definition of Services and Expectation of Finished Repairs

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Carpet dyeing has a broad brush so let’s define what carpet dyeing is and what we as a company offer as services under that service name.

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 Under the service name “carpet dyeing” there are numerous services under that umbrella. Carpet dyeing is not paint and will not cover stains in carpet. Carpet dyes are translucent. If you have a heavily stained carpet that you want dyed, you can go darker to help fool the human eye in recognizing the bad areas. You can also reduce the color that created the stain and re-dye the areas to match. Carpet dyeing is all about color theory, artistry, technique, application and a lot of practice. Just because someone says that they can dye carpet it’s not a guarantee that it will be a close match or a good job. Carpet dyeing is technically a difficult trade and needs to be practiced or used regularly in a profession to be proficient at it.

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Bleach Stain (Spill) on Carpet Repair

When you spill bleach on your carpet and color is removed from your carpet or rug. We neutralize the bleach that was spilled on your carpet and then re-dye the color damaged area to match the original color.

EXPECTATION OF REPAIR? Most repairs being done look fantastic, perfect, or almost perfect. The bigger the repair the harder it is. Larger repairs are harder to make look perfect BUT they can look perfect and the vast majority of the time are not an issue. Expectations will be managed before the job. Large Berber carpet repairs are the hardest in regards to color repair. Carpet dyeing is a very viable option to repair color in your carpet from bleach spills, spots or stains. We are near 100% satisfaction with finished dye jobs.

Color Clean

This is a unique service that we offer. All carpet loses 3% of its color per year. We restore the color in your carpet by adding or returning the two most dominant colors back into it. Sounds weird? We know it does but that’s color theory for you.

EXPECTATION OF REPAIR? This is more of a cosmetic service than a repair. It restores the original color of your carpet. This service adds a snap back to your carpets color.

Carpet Color Change

Changing your carpet color can be tricky and we suggest that you stay in the same color family over changing its color to something over all different. Some colors are not attainable due to the original carpet color. Once again it’s all about color theory. This service needs an in house consultation.

EXPECTATION OF REPAIRS? This is viable service but will need to manage expectations per job. We charge $90 in house consultation for this service. If hired we put $90 toward the total cost of the job.

Sun-faded Carpet Repair

The sun is a very powerful oxidizer and will strip color out of carpet and rugs. Let’s be realistic, it strips color out of everything. The sun will strip color out unevenly due to furniture, coffee tables, the sun setting or moving, etc. Once the room is empty you see that your carpet is severely faded. This can be fixed via carpet dyeing.

EXPECTATIONS OF REPAIR? The finished job looks great. This is a more viable option than replacing your carpet.

Stain Removal from Carpet

Stains are defined as foreign colors that can’t be removed. Stains are always the addition of color to your carpet. Red stains, curry stains, turmeric stains, urine stains, coffee stains, tea stains, rust stains. There’s a plethora of colors to name. Most of the time we can reduce these stains to an acceptable level then re-dye them to match the existing carpet color.

EXPECTATIONS OF REPAIR? We can always improve or almost make any stain look perfect. Anything is better than what is there, right?

Rug Color Restoration

Rugs like carpet lose their color. The sun, washing them, attempting stain and spot removal will sometimes remove the color from your rug, regardless if it’s oriental, persian, moroccan, chinese or some other handmade rug they will all lose their color from something. We can restore the color using an airbrush specifically designed for this type of work.

EXPECTATIONS OF REPAIRS? Depending on the damage to the rug will determine its final outcome. Our expertise and our tools will guarantee the best outcome for you and your rug.
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To us, carpet dyeing is an art, and we love practicing it every day. We, at Yep! We Fix Carpet, have proven carpet dyeing solutions for the smallest to largest carpet damages. If you are interested in understanding how we do carpet dyeing, carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and more, contact us today! We deliver quality carpet dyeing services across Minneapolis, St. Paul, Savage, Shakopee, Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Woodbury, Maplewood, Little Canada, White Bear Lake, Centerville, Blaine, Coon Rapids and more.

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