Carpet Repair in Minnetonka

Pets scratching up the carpet? Need your carpet stretched or patched? Got a bleach stain on your carpet? We can help.

Jon Oyen

Owner, Yep! We Fix Carpet

Need Your Carpet Stretched?

Yep! We Fix Carpet has the solution for the residents of Minnetonka, MN.

Pet Damage Your Carpet?

We provide the best carpet repair for residents of Minnetonka!

Thinking About Replacing Your Carpet? Why Not Repair it?

Carpet Repair is 60-80% Less Expensive than the Cost of Replacing the Carpet.

If you are looking to get a deposit back or just trying to save money by not replacing the carpet you have come to the right place. We can solve any physical carpet damage, including bleach spills, stains, and more. Continue reading to learn more about our services and see stunning results!

Yep! We Fix Carpet Gives More Value

Double Certifications (IICRC & ICRA)

30 Day No Questions Asked Warranty

3 Year Labor Warranty on All Repairs

Most Google Reviewed Carpet Repair & Cleaning Company in Minneapolis

Half the Time of Buying New

60-80% Less than Replacement

Same Week Service*

Fast, Friendly Service Every Time

Pet Damage Repair

Dogs or cats scratching at your carpet? We can help.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching cost is far less than replacement.

Carpet Patching

We use the best carpet patching techniques.

Carpet Cleaning

The best carpet cleaning service in Minnetonka.

What is Unique About Yep!
We Fix Carpet Minnetonka?

We like to consider ourselves specialist of “all things carpet”. Carpet repair (pet damage repair, stretching), Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Dyeing, Urine Odor Removal, Stain Removal and Tile & Grout Cleaning. We specialize in hard to remove stains using a special tool that emits UV light. With this technology we are able to remove some of the most stubborn stains which include curry stains, coffee stains, and wine stains.

Do you warranty your repairs?

Yes! We use a power stretcher for all of our carpet stretching. The only way our stretches will fail or not last is poor tack strip installation or failure of the carpet backing. We will not warranty against tack strip failure or carpet backing failure. We will warranty tack strip failure if we install it.

Do you have carpet that we can use for the repair?

Typically no but we might on our truck. There are so many colors and shades it is literally impossible to keep a match for every type of carpet. We can take carpet from a closet or from an inconspicuous area in your house or residence. We will replace the carpet that we take with a non-matching piece of carpet. If you have time we recommend looking for a matching piece of carpet on a roll in your house or try finding a close match at a local carpet outlet store Please google for other listings.

Will the repair last?

All of our carpet repairs are done professionally. We don’t cut corners. Our approach is using IICRC and ICRA standards as much as the repair allows. Yes the repair will last, if not we will come and fix it.

Will you move furniture?

Yes and No. We will move small stuff at no extra charge. If you want everything moved then we will include an additional fee for our time to move these things. You will need to let us know so we can properly prepare. If its an abundance of stuff we will refer you to a moving company to help move stuff. Movers are rather inexpensive.

How do you fix the spots caused by me spilling bleach on my carpet?

There are two options. We can structurally repair the spot by cutting the foundation of the carpet, but we don’t recommend that for carpet color restoration repairs. Our first recommendation would be carpet dyeing. Since it’s a carpet color loss issue there’s no reason to fix the foundation of the carpet unless the bleach has destroyed the carpet fibers.

About Us

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your experience with us is one that you will remember and tell your friends and family about.

All of our technicians at Yep! We Fix Carpet have received or are receiving their certification by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the International Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA).


“Fantastic service! Highly professional. Quick quote and willing to work around our busy schedules. Made our carpet look like new again after pet damage (carpet patching and spot cleaning). Highly recommend and would hire again!”

Bethany B

“Thanks so much for taking such great care of my carpet. Your carpet repair job was nothing short of amazing! Not only did he do a great job, but as everyone seems to state, he is very responsive, kind, and knowledgeable.”

Megan M

“We have had Jon repair carpet multiple times for different issues on two different houses. In every case he did a great job. We definitely recommend him and his company.”
Bill P

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Pet Damage

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Minneapolis Pet Damage Carpet Repair Minneapolis

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Pet damage carpet repair is our most requested service call in Minnetonka.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching Minneapolis

Carpet Stretching in Minnetonka

Stretching carpet costs approximately 75-80% less than the cost of replacing the carpet.

Seam Repair

Carpet Seam Repair Minneapolis Carpet Seam Repair Minneapolis

Carpet Seam Repair in Minnetonka

Using the best carpet repair techniques, we can carefully re-install seam tape under the seam using an innovative tool called a kool glide or if necessary we will use a seam iron.

What a Difference Carpet Repair, Stretching and Cleaning Will Make.

Why Choose Carpet Stretching or Carpet Repair Over Replacement?

  • Carpet repair if done correctly looks great!
  • Carpet needs to be stretched NOT replaced. 
  • Carpet stretching is far less than replacement. 
  • You need carpet stretching because your carpet installer did not properly install your carpet in the beginning. 
  • Doing a carpet patch is permanent (permanent section repair) not temporary if done correctly. 
  • Carpet dyeing is permanent and will not wear off, wipe off or wash out. 
  • Fixing bleach stains through carpet dyeing is much better than structural carpet repairs. 
  • Carpet repair is 60% to 80% cheaper than carpet replacement. 

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