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Carpet Stretching in Minneapolis & St. Paul

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Carpet Stretching Minneapolis

Carpet Stretching Cost is Far Less Than Replacement

Poor carpet installation will always lead to having your carpet re-stretched. There are other factors like environmental or failing tack strip. Do you need carpet stretching? If you need it you’ll definitely know. You will have unsightly bubbles, wrinkling or major buckling in areas that make it difficult to move furniture and is embarrassing to show visitors. But more importantly it can be a tripping hazard. If there are ripples or waves in your carpet then your carpet needs to be professionally stretched. If so, you probably have a few questions – how much does carpet stretching cost? Depending on the carpet-carpet stretching can be significantly cheaper than replacement, no comparison really.

Stretching carpet costs approximately 75-80% less than the cost of replacing the carpet. Typically the service can be done the same week depending on our schedule. Why do I need carpet stretching in Minneapolis? If you do not stretch your carpet your carpet will prematurely wear out or deteriorate. Maybe you want to know the process of how to stretch your carpet? We use a power stretcher to professionally stretch your carpet and guarantee fabulous results. We warranty all of our carpet stretches as long as we are allowed to follow industry standards. Carpet stretching can only be done correctly one way and that is with a power stretcher NOT a carpet kicker. Part of the reason you are researching carpet stretching or carpet repair now is because the original installation was done with a kicker. I’ll GUARANTEE IT!!


The Difference between Carpet Re-Stretching and Carpet Cleaning Will Make Will be a Pleasant Surprise

You can look at the loose carpet in your house or apartment and say to yourself “this carpet looks old and needs to be replaced” Oftentimes after the old or even new wavy carpet is power stretched and possibly cleaned (did you know that we clean carpet too?) you would be surprised at how well it really can look. Carpet that is properly stretched, vacuumed, cleaned and fiber protected will upkeep incredibly well. The average lifespan of good carpet that is well maintained is 20 years.


Good Stretching is an Art Form

Carpet repair in general is an art form with technique. Carpet repair is not like auto repair in the sense that in automotive repair the part always fits in the same place and screws in the same. The outcome will always be the same regardless of who does it. Carpet repair is the exact opposite. The outcomes from each technician will vary in quality and outcomes. This is why we are proactive in quality control and measure the outcome of our repairs.

Why Choose Carpet Stretching Over Replacement?

  • 75-80% Less than the Cost of Replacing the Carpet
  • Honest, Reliable And Trustworthy Service
  • Same Week Service* (Some Same-day)
  • Free Carpet Spotter for Life
  • Fast, Friendly Service Every time 

Interested in Learning How To Stretch Carpet?

Carpet stretching is a very labor intensive process and needs an empty field to work(empty rooms). We start by pulling all the carpet off the tack strip then we use a power stretcher to properly stretch the carpet towards the wall. Once the carpet is stretched evenly and to its proper tautness we re-fasten the carpet to the tack strip guaranteeing a strongly held carpet to the tack strip. Carpet stretching not what your looking for? Learn more about our carpet dyeing and restoration services here.


About Yep! We Fix Carpet Minneapolis

If you live in Minneapolis or Saint Paul Yep! We Fix Carpet is the best carpet stretching near me. In addition to the services most carpet stretching companies perform, like pet damage carpet repair, carpet cleaning, and odor control, we also perform carpet dyeing, bleach spills on carpet repair which can cause severe color loss to your carpet or rug. We can fix any color damage or loss that you may have. To us carpet stretching is not a service; it is a way of preserving carpet for years to come. Replacing your carpet should be a last resort. We’re the best carpet stretching specialist in Minneapolis; give us a call if you want to know how to get rid of carpet bubbles, ripples or waves or fix that spot in your carpet.

We provide quality carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, dyeing and repair to Wayzata, Minnetonka, Burnsville, Richfield, Savage, Shakopee, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Prior Lake, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Roseville, New Brighton, Golden Valley, Orono, Plymouth and all the major suburbs and cities around Mpls and St Paul, Mn.


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