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Doing a google search for carpet stretching near me will hopefully bring us up on your computer screen or mobile phone. Now it is possible that we aren’t near you but it really doesn’t matter because we travel almost everywhere fixing peoples carpet. Carpet stretching cost, google reviews and scheduling are almost always top of a customer’s mind when reaching out to hire a company or person to re-stretch their carpet.  Here are some things to consider when looking for a carpet stretching company near me or an individual that repairs, stretches, dyes and cleans carpet.

  1. Google reviews. How many reviews do they have? It’s important. Are they good reviews? Four stars? Five stars? Three stars? It’s all about reputation. Great companies aren’t perfect but they should be consistent with good service and quality workmanship.
  2. Facebook page. Do they post new content weekly? Do they post videos for you to watch so you can get acquainted with them? Facebook is a great way for a company to build trust with potential customers.
  3. YouTube and Instagram. Are these platforms utilized? The carpet repair, stretching, dyeing and cleaning company should have at least some videos to show their work and how they operate to ease the customers mind when deciding who to hire.
  4. Carpet stretching or re-stretching cost. How much does it actually cost to have your carpets stretched? There’s a lot to answer with this question. What are your expectations? There’s only one way to stretch your carpet and that’s the correct way. If you never want to have to stretch your carpet again then you need to hire a professional that only uses a power stretcher and stretches the carpet in two directions. The responsible and correct way to stretch your carpet is in two different directions. Carpet kickers aren’t the answer and generally are synonymous with cheap prices and wrong practices. Do they say they can stretch your carpet with furniture in the room? If so, you are getting inadequate advice to fix your problem. It’s impossible to properly stretch your carpet with furniture in the room. A 12×12 room could cost in between $100-$150 dollars to stretch. That being said, everyone has a minimum cost for doing business. We would typically charge $200-$215 for the first room (12×12 144 sqft) then an additional $115-$130 per 12×12 room after that. Cost going up or down is determined by room size, location of service and number of services being performed. Make note: we are a premium carpet repair company employing industry certified technicians.
  5. I just want my loose carpet with a few ripples to be flattened out and I really don’t care if it’s done the correct way. Can you still help us? If you have a bump, lump, wave or crease that is logistically positioned and it’s possible for us to smooth it out we will. The positioning of where the carpet is showing itself bumpy will ultimately determine if it can be stretched out quickly without moving the furniture. Sometimes attacking the carpet problem this way is actually more work, same cost and done incorrectly. We do not warrant touch up stretches but do understand that sometimes the homeowner doesn’t want to move the furniture or is just trying to make the carpet look more presentable.
  6. Warranties. Does the company offer a warranty on their services? Yes we offer a warranty on almost all of our services.
  7. Value, value, value. We believe we offer the best value. We’re all things carpet and cleaning. We can stretch your carpet and clean your carpet the same-day. We can fix bleach spots and stains in your carpet. We can dye your carpet. And we even offer services such as tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, hardwood floor wax removal, upholstery cleaning and we can clean your Oriental, Persian and wool rugs.

These days after a couple of years of the initial installation your carpet will need to be re-stretched. Carpet stretching in this modern time has become a normality instead of an anomaly. To us this is a bad thing. When you hire a professional carpet stretching service you’re trusting that you’re getting professional results and they’re properly stretching it into place, making sure that the carpet is securely fastened with proper tension.

Before you hire someone be sure to check the list that we mentioned above.

Here are some of the cities that we service for carpet stretching but not limited to.

* Eagan, Mn

* Mendota heights, Mn

* Inver grove heights, Mn

* Sunfish lake, Mn

* Woodbury, Mn

* Stillwater, Mn

* Rosemount, Mn

* Cottage grove, Mn

* Hastings, Mn

* Minnetonka, Mn

* Wayzata, Mn

* Edina, Mn

* Richfield, Mn

* Apple valley, Mn

* Burnsville, Mn

* Prescott, Wi

* Hudson, Wi

* Roseville, Mn

Did you know that the carpet cleaning and carpet stretching industry has standards? To follow the standards you must be an iicrc certified company or individual. You must follow the industry guidelines to meet those standards.

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