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Carpet Stretching Services Minneapolis St Paul

It’s time to get familiar with carpet stretching services. Like most people we talk to, they built their house new and their carpet is rippling within five years or you hired a company to install new carpet a short while back and your carpet is wavy and bumpy and showing wrinkles of all kinds.  Or you hired someone to re-stretch your carpet because of the former and now you have to stretch it again because of their poor workmanship. When hiring a carpet stretching service in St. Paul or Minneapolis you need to understand the basics of carpet stretching and what to expect.

    1. Carpet installation as an industry has standards: There is a right and a wrong way to install carpet. If carpet is not installed using a power stretcher then you hired an amateur who is looking out for their own interest and a quick buck to line their pocket. There’s a strong chance that the warranty on the carpet you purchased from your local big box store or corner carpet store is now void due to the fact that it was not installed using a power stretcher. I would inquire if I were you.
    2. Carpet stretching as an industry has standards: Like installation there is a right and a wrong way to stretch carpet. I’ve heard that 70% of all new carpet installations will need to be re-stretched. How sad. Carpet stretching or re-stretching should be an anomaly NOT a regularity. The responsible thing to do is stretch carpet in two different directions resulting in tight and taut carpet. Doing a stretch test isn’t an unreasonable thing to ask for.
    3. Empty rooms are a necessity: Think about it for a second. How can you stretch carpet with a bed in it? Or a dresser? Or an armoire? Some companies will say we use a  “dead man” . We disagree if it’s going to be done correctly. The room has to be empty for a room to be stretched correctly that will last the lifetime of the carpet.


If you don’t understand carpet stretching please visit our Yep We Fix Carpet Facebook page and watch our videos on stretching carpet. You’ll gain an understanding of why we are so adamant on an empty room and using a power stretcher when stretching your carpet.

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