How do you fix a hole in the carpet from a dog?

girl and dog on carpet

Pesky pets are a nuisance and can cause catastrophic damage to your carpet. Carpet damage from pets can be repaired almost all the time but is it worth it? I’ve never taken a survey or kept track of which animal causes the most pet damage to carpet, but what we can say is that pet damage carpet repair is probably our most sought after service that we offer. Whether it’s dogs or cats destroying your carpet is irrelevant, but knowing if it can be fixed is priceless.

How do you fix a hole in the carpet from a dog in Minneapolis St Paul?

Dogs are bigger and stronger than cats so it’s to be expected that their damage will have a larger footprint than cats. Carpet damage from dog versus a cat is typically very significant. The first thing you need to consider as a renter or a homeowner is, do you have extra carpet for the repair? The second thing to consider is the location of the pet damage carpet repair? Is it by a door? Is the damage next to a wood or tile transition? The third thing to consider is, who is going to repair it? Like everything, there’s probably a youtube video for the DIY person that wants to save money but will a video actually show you everything that you need to know? Carpet has an anatomy. Carpet is built like a cornfield. Did you know that? We watch videos on how to fix carpet and we are surprised to see that the DIY guy fails to explain all the nuances that go into fixing carpet. Ok ok..enough of the rambling. So how do you fix a hole in the carpet from a dog?

You need to procure carpet from a remnant piece or from a closet somewhere in the house.
Figure out from the carpet which direction the carpet pile is laying.
Measure the area that the dog damaged in your carpet and make sure you have enough spare carpet to repair the spot.
After you find the direction of the carpet, use a crochet needle to run it down a row of the carpet. Be sure the needle is outside of the damaged area that needs repair. Depending on carpet this can be very tough even for a professional carpet repair person that fixes damage from dog all day long.

Position your blade to the right slot and cut the carpet slowly.
Position seam tape and check to see if your remnant piece of carpet fits into position.
Use seam iron or kool glide to set the carpet patch permanently into place.

In the future we will have a more descriptive video of how to fix your dog damaged carpet more precisely.

Carpet repair isn’t an easy task and will take a lot of practice with basic knowledge of the anatomy of the carpet to actually make a repair look decent to the human eye. We practice this profession on a daily basis so our repairs look great.

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