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Dogs, cats and yes even rabbits can cause damage to your carpet. Pet damage carpet repair has always been and probably always will be one of our largest sought after carpet repair services that we offer. How do you fix chewed carpet edges by my dog? Why does it have to be caused by your dog? Why not your cat?

Fixing carpet damage isn’t the hard part, the most difficult thing in carpet repair is making sure you have the extra carpet to repair the damaged area with. Even if you don’t have extra carpet there’s always the possibility you have some matching carpet in your closet that we could use for the repair. As a mental note, when we remove carpet from your closet that will create another repair. We need to damage the carpet in your closet to fix your carpet wherever we are fixing it. We will replace what we remove from the closet with a non-matching piece of carpet.

The reason we always tell our customers that it will be a non-matching piece is simply due to the fact that there are millions of variations of carpet and it’s impossible to keep an exact match for everyone. If you want to shop for a closer match at a carpet store we think that’s a great idea. The expense of fixing your carpet will be more due to the fact that we need to fix an added area plus the original repairs.

How do you fix chewed carpet edges by my dog?

  1. Locate extra carpet for us to use for the repair in your house. If you can’t find any, look harder. Look under staircases. Look in your garage. Look in your attic. Ask your landlord. Ask the property manager in charge of your building. Look everywhere that you can think of to find some extra carpet.
  2. Call us to repair your carpet. Yep! We fix carpet. We are experienced and take pride in striving to be the best carpet repair company in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We were trained by one the best carpet repair technicians in the industry, at least we believe that.
  3. We apply our knowledge and skill set and get to it. We believe you will be most satisfied in what we can do for you.