How do you fix pet stains in carpet? Fixing pet stains in carpet is something we can most definitely repair in your carpet. Pet damage carpet repair is a common request we get almost daily. We approach these types of repairs with a mindset of first determining whether or not the pet stain is actually a carpet stain or if it’s actually color loss in your carpet from your dog or cat peeing on it. Urine can bleach the carpet or it can stain the carpet. There are three main types of stains from pets. The first being from urine, the second being from your dog or cat pooping on the carpet and the third type is pet vomit or throw up. Not all stains are stains necessarily. As we mentioned previously some pet stains are actually color loss so we must determine how significant the damage is and whether it’s a stain or if its color loss.

Our approach when dealing with these types of issues is getting as much information as possible.

How do you fix pet stains in carpet?

  1. How do you know it’s a pet stain?
  2. Are you able to tell if it’s a stain or color loss?
  3. If it’s from urine has the spot itself been treated for odor and urine removal?
  4. We need a photo/s of the repair. Please text photos to 952-452-3629 or email photos to
  5. We need the size of the repair (length/width)
  6. Do you have extra carpet that we could use for the repair? If you don’t have extra carpet, is there carpet in a closet that we could use instead?
  7. We are located in the heart of Minneapolis but service the whole Twin cities area. Here are just some of the cities that we offer service to. Eagan, Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, Woodbury, Stillwater, Richfield, Roseville, Maplewood, Rosemount and many more.

How will we fix the pet damage in your carpet?

After determining what type of damage you have and whether you have extra carpet to use for the repair, those two things will be our deciding factorspet stain on carpet on how we approach fixing the spot. If the pet stain is actually a stain then we will see if the added color can be reduced enough for it to become unnoticeable or almost unnoticeable.

Sometimes we can reduce the added color just enough for it to be acceptable by you. We always strategize for perfection but sometimes it’s necessary to settle for improvement.

If the pet staining in your carpet is more severe we would utilize a special lamp that emits UV light to help reduce or eliminate the unwanted color. Sometimes when reducing stains in carpet we remove more color than necessary and need to implement carpet dyeing to return the color to as close to normal as we can. When dyeing, our desire is always a perfect match but when dealing with pet carpet stains sometimes we have no choice but to settle for improvement.

Oftentimes with pet stains in carpet you could have color loss and staining in the same spot which makes things much more difficult. If there’s no chance of fixing the stain by color reduction due to the severity of the staining or the amount of color loss, then we will need to perform carpet surgery. We would remove carpet from your closet or use loose carpet that you provide to do a carpet patch.

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