How much does it cost to repair a patch of carpet?

Carpet Repair Patch

How much does it cost to repair a patch of carpet?

One of our mottos is Fix it! Don’t replace it. Carpet repair is much cheaper than carpet installation in all cases. When installing new carpet one doesn’t think that their dog, puppy, cat or kitten will ultimately destroy it. We get calls from stressed out renters who want to get their damage deposit back or homeowners who locked their dog or cat in the room while they were at work and their pet completely destroyed the carpet because they were anxious. Pet damage carpet repair isn’t the only call that we get, but it is the most common. Other repairs we get are burns in carpet, seam problems, urine damage in carpet, transition repairs and the notorious loose carpet with buckling that needs stretching. All of these repairs will cost you much less to fix than carpet replacement. 

How much for my carpet patch already!?

The cost of fixing your carpet is determined by multiple things. 

What city are you located in? Proximity is important. Do you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul? We travel to all the surrounding suburbs of the Twin cities metro area. We even service Hudson and River falls, Wi. 

What kind of carpet are we repairing? Are we repairing berber carpet or cut pile carpet? Sometimes berber carpet will cost more to repair but not always. Pictures are helpful. Please text photos to 952-452-3629 

What’s the extent of the carpet damage? It’s important for us to see the damage if possible. Plus knowing the length and the width of the carpet damage is crucial for us to give you an accurate and fair estimate over the phone. Please text photos to 952-452-3629 and include the length and width of repairs. 

Do you have uninstalled carpet on a roll? Having loose carpet to use for the repair is a cost saver for you and a time saver for us. Having loose carpet that is uninstalled will be beneficial to you because the repair will cost you less since we don’t need to remove installed carpet from your closet. 

Do we need to cut carpet out of a closet or somewhere inconspicuous to use for the repair?

Anytime we need to cut out installed carpet from a closet or from somewhere inconspicuous it adds more work for us increasing the cost to you. If you call us for one carpet patch and you don’t have extra carpet laying around (uninstalled) we need to then cut carpet from your closet to use for the original damage creating a whole new repair for us to fix. So that one repair is now two. If we remove carpet from your closet we can’t just leave an open hole there for you to look at, right. Once we remove the appropriate amount of carpet from your closet for the original repair we then will replace the carpet in the closet with a non-matching piece of carpet.

Why a non-matching piece of carpet? We would love to provide a matching piece of carpet but there are millions of styles and colors to choose from, so it’s impossible for us to keep that kind of inventory. We would suggest you go looking for a similar color to the original carpet color so we can use that in lieu of a completely non-matching piece of carpet. We try to keep popular colors on our truck to keep from having a severe contrast of color in your closet or wherever we take it from. 

Are there multiple repairs or just one repair? Repairing carpet in multiple areas will always cost more of course. We have a system that we use to calculate multiple repairs. Please include measurements and pictures of each repair and text them to 952-452-3629. 

Is it a carpet patch or a permanent section carpet repair?

All of the repairs to carpet should be permanent. Carpet damage is repaired by using another like piece (should be exact likeness) of carpet to use for that repair. To most people it’s called a carpet patch. To professional carpet repair technicians we call it a “permanent section carpet repair” because it’s a section of carpet and it should be permanent if repaired correctly. 

While we are there how about cleaning your carpet?

We do more than just repair carpet. Yep! We clean carpet too! And other things like tile and grout, mattresses and upholstery. We have a special service that cleans and restores the shine to hardwood floors as well. Since we are already in your home we offer a one room carpet cleaning special for $90 and if you want to add more rooms to clean that is fine too..

Here’s a photo of a typical repair we come across regularly in our line of work and the cost of fixing your carpet.

Carpet Repair Patch

Repair cost with carpet: $200

Repair cost without carpet: $250 (pulling carpet from closet)

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