How to Keep Your Carpet Mold Free

mold free carpet

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Carpeting can give your home a warm, inviting look. All is well and good, until your carpet ends up all moldy, discolored and ugly. Considering the number of external factors that could possibly damage your carpet, you have to be extra careful with the maintenance of carpets.

Having mold on, in, or under your carpet is a very common issue, and those with carpets sprawling through the majority in their homes will vouch for that. Moreover, a moldy carpet is a huge turnoff.

We have listed some simple ways that will help you prevent mold on your carpets. Read to know more.

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Clean carpets

Keeping your carpet clean is the best way to not let dust accumulate on it. Dirty carpets are hotspots for mold to thrive. Vacuuming regularly will remove mold spores (which may have entered your home through different carriers), and help keep your carpet mold free.

Improper cleaning too is a significant reason for moldy carpets. If your carpet is stained, make sure you thoroughly clean it before using it again.

Temperature control

Try to keep your rooms as cool as possible. An air conditioner works wonders to help you do this. Mold flourishes in warm rooms, and keeping your rooms at lower temperatures is a great way to get rid of the mold on your carpets.

Airy rooms

Fans and open windows are more than enough to keep your rooms airy. The frequent circulation of air would help you keep the temperatures low. Open windows will ensure plenty of sunlight, which again is important to get rid of mold.

Humidity control

Humidity is a huge contributor towards moldy carpets. This is because humidity brings in moisture, which eventually settles on carpets. Allowing humidity is like an open invitation to mold. However, you don’t need to worry. All you have to do is to dehumidify your room with the help of portable dehumidifiers. They suck humidity out of your room, allowing your carpets to breathe. Do consider investing in a dehumidifier in case you live in an area where humidity exceeds 60%.

Carpet material

Studies show that the material of your carpet plays an important role to ward off mold. So, if you are looking to invest in a carpet or planning to revamp your old carpet, go for a carpet made of synthetic material. You can opt for materials like nylon, which last long and would not fall prey to the mold menace. Materials like wool tend to be more easily affected by mold, so try avoiding them.

These little tips and tricks will surely help you in keeping your carpets fresh and mold free. These are totally inexpensive action items which would not require much effort either. Instead of ruining your beautiful carpet and burning a hole in your pocket in the tryst to replace it, all you can do is ensure you follow the tips mentioned above for a healthy and clean carpet.

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