How to Prevent Dog Scratching Carpet Damage

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3 Ways to Prevent Your Carpet from Being Damaged by Pets

A Practical Guide on How to Prevent Dog Scratching Damage on Carpet

If your dog or cat is scratching at the carpet

Buy a large (cheap) area rug – Often times a room can be filled with a large, cheap, tufted area rug from a local superstore. In many cases, the rug can actually improve the look of your room if you choose the right one. This makes buying a rug a desirable method of preventing pet damage on your carpet.

Buy a scratching post for your cat – Cats love to scratch for a variety of reasons. Some cats use scratching to stretch their torsos. Other times a cat may be trying to mark its territory or remove excess dirt from their claws.

By buying a scratching post you are giving the cat something that they can scratch instead of your carpet, upholstery, or mattress. This is the best way to prevent your cat from scratching the carpet or rug.

Make sure to research the right type of post. Cats can be very particular about their scratching posts so if you do not buy one that is.

Trim your pet’s toenails – not to be confused with declawing, trimming your pet’s toenails is a very ethical and important step towards preserving your cat or dogs health. Many tutorials can be found online that will teach you how to do this at home with normal store-bought clippers.

The idea here is to prevent class and toenails from actually hurting your carpet or area rug. Without sharp areas on their paws, pets cannot hurt the carpet (at least not as bad as if they have full nails or claws).

Reduce triggers of stress and excitement – if loud or unnerving sounds trigger your pets to scratch, try soundproofing the home. It might not be the cheapest solution but neither is replacing the carpet. Additionally, it is an actual investment in the value of your home.

You may also invest in blinds to prevent a dog from seeing out the window and being excited about squirrels or birds. This is a common trigger for dogs that can be easily avoided by limiting eyesight.

If you are concerned about lack of sunlight, you can find blinds that are see-through. This helps to limit a dog’s eyesight while also allowing sunlight into your home.

These are a few common ways of preventing your dog or cat from scratching your carpet or rug this year. With a few small steps, you can actively prevent thousands of dollars in damages.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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