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How to Stretch Carpet Minneapolis St Paul

Do you want to learn how to stretch carpet? For the DIY person stretching carpet is not an easy task.

How do I know this?

I lost a very large commercial carpet cleaning account simply because of carpet stretching. I was ambitious, I was motivated and I wanted to impress the property manager of this large apartment complex so I told her that if she needed carpet stretching I could help. Oh my… this was a huge mistake because all I had was ambition and  motivation and I knew how to clean carpet, but honestly I had no idea how to stretch it.

I entered the large v-shaped room to see wrinkles everywhere and there I was alone with a power stretcher having not a clue where to start or how to start, so I tried to figure it out for myself and realized that I was in over my head and needed help. My biggest issue at the moment was that the new tenants were moving in the next day and here I am the day before trying to stretch a wrinkled carpet.

Do you want to know how to stretch carpet? This may sound absurd but I paid someone $15,000 to teach me the art of stretching and how to repair wrinkled carpet so now we are professionals at repairing wrinkled carpet.

If someone is interested in learning how to stretch carpet we are open to teaching you the art of carpet repair and stretching. Honestly, to us there isn’t a way through writing to properly show you how to stretch carpet correctly so for the DIY person you are on your own and we would recommend calling a professional.

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