Is it Worth Re-stretching Carpet?

Re-stretching carpet

Is it worth re-stretching carpet in Minneapolis and St Paul?

Since you’re reading this blog I’m assuming you have wrinkles, ripples, bumps or buckling in your carpet. Re-stretching your carpet should be an anomaly but it’s become a regularity. If you’re re-stretching your carpet it more than likely means that your carpet was never stretched properly from the beginning when installing. Good carpet installation is hard to come by these days.

Stretching carpet when done correctly will leave your carpet tight and taut for years to come. If your carpet is installed using a power stretcher it shouldn’t need to be re-stretched ever again. Taut carpet has its benefits. Carpet that is tight and has proper tension will vacuum better (more soil removal), it will last it’s full term for wear, prevent tripping, prevent premature replacement and will have a better overall appearance.

We’ve walked into rooms where it looked like the waves of the ocean. There was buckling everywhere. Stretching your carpet will be remarkably cheaper than buying new carpet. If your carpet looks loose and wavy and if it’s in reasonable shape, then stretching it will save you money. The appearance of tight carpet will change the look of it needing to be replaced.  Fix it! Don’t replace it.

Not everyone stretches the same. It’s not apples to apples when hiring a carpet repair company.

When stretching carpet in a room it needs to be power stretched in two different directions not just one. There are exceptions but not that many exceptions. When shopping around for someone to stretch your carpet be sure you define your terms. If you shop on price and price alone then buyer beware. Stretching carpet is a lot of work if done correctly. There’s a strategy to it. The rooms need to empty. The tools required to stretch carpet professionally require a vacant space. We’ve talked to potential customers and we hear that other carpet repair companies tell them you can stretch carpet with furniture in the room. We are here to say that’s not true.

Stretch test it.

Once the carpet stretch is complete there needs to be proof that’s it taut. We happily oblige. The carpet needs to have a snap to it.

We just need one area fixed.

If there’s a ripple or bubble close to the perimeter of the room there is a possibility that we can fix it. That would not be considered stretching but more of a cosmetic repair that will not last for any amount of time. If there’s one ripple the whole room is compromised.

Lifetime labor warranty

If we stretch it we warranty it. We give a lifetime labor warranty on all our stretches.

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