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We are not new to the carpet industry by any means but for the last two years we’ve been partnered with a lead source that operates under the name of Minneapolis carpet repair. “Us” as a company have always operated under the business name “Yep! We fix carpet” but took all the leads exclusively from Minneapolis carpet repair but still operated autonomously. As of 11/04/2019 we will no longer have a partnership with them and will be doing business strictly under the business name of Yep! We fix carpet. We’ve enjoyed our relationship with them and are proud to say that we have learned a lot, but it’s time to sever the ties and fly once again on our own.

What about all those Google reviews? Currently on the “Google my business page” for Minneapolis carpet repair we have 41 five star google reviews (as of 10/1/2019). All of these were procured by us “Yep! We fix carpet” and no one else. Currently on the Yep! We fix carpet google my business page we are at 69 five star google reviews. So that’s a combined 110 five star google reviews.

The future is bright for us. We are opening up new locations in the metro area and surrounding cities. If you suffer from torn, shredded, ripped, scratched or clawed carpet from pets we can fix it. If you suffer from bubbly, wrinkly, wavy or loose carpet we can stretch it tight. If you spilled bleach on your carpet causing color color loss then we can fix that too. We are pros at carpet dyeing.

We look forward to serving you in the future with all your carpet cleaning, carpet repair and carpet dyeing needs.