New Technology for Urine Removal Delivers Unbelievable Results

Urine Removal

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Everyone who has a pet understands that they tend to pee or urinate in places they shouldn’t. Yes.. even your pet that you think never pees probably has. Oftentimes the situation doesn’t get serious until you realize that when your pet continually urinates in the same spot or spots it creates a stinky, sticky, smelly mess turning your carpet or rug yellow or even possibly removing color from your carpet. Urine is very acidic when leaving the body but as it dries it starts to turn very alkaline and has the potential of stripping color from your carpet. Most people when treating dog/cat urine grab vinegar (acidic) to clean it up. As you recall pet urine when leaving the body is acidic so you always almost never use something that is acidic to clean it up. You would turn to a neutral or slightly alkaline cleaning solution (we give free spotter bottles with an effective cleaning solution to all of our customers). Piss can also create staining in your carpet from urochrome found in urine. 

How do we locate the areas that need treatment 

We use our eyes, nose, moisture meter and uv lights. Plus consulting with you helps us start our search. 

Eyes: eyes are the most basic approach to locating urine in carpet or rugs. It’s plausible that urochrome found in urine will stain the carpet yellow. Pee that is older has the potential of being very alkaline resulting in color loss to your carpet (carpet dyeing can repair this)

Nose: Like everyone knows urine can smell foul. Add a little water to it and the smell flares. Sometimes you can’t smell urine until you clean your carpet. 

Moisture meter: Cat, dog and human urine have uratic salts in them. It’s part of their make-up. When the cat/dog pee dry’s the uratic salts that are within the urine will hold onto the moisture, no matter how old the urine is. Moisture meters are able to detect very, very low moisture content in the uratic salts. Even 20 year old urine spots can be found with a moisture meter even if the spot/s feel dry to the touch. 

Uv lights: The same uratic salts that retain moisture also glow under a special Uv light. There are certain Uv light spectrums that urine react to best. 

Will I Still See The Urine Salts Glow After The Urine Treatment When Using The Uv light?

Treating urine isn’t removing the uratic salts from your carpet. The salts are not the issue. The uratic salts are harmless. Once the treatment is finished their is a possibility that the salts will be reduced but there is a high chance that the salts will still glow under Uv lighting.  We gaurantee urine odor removal not the removal of uratic salts. 

Removing pet urine odor or human urine odor from carpet was an obstacle to overcome, even for a professional until recently. The chemistry and the tooling make a profound difference in dealing with the cure of urine odor and staining. If you have further questions please contact us at 952-452-3629.


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