The Best Pet Odor Removal in Mpls


Good Pet Odor Removal is Rare but We Perform

If you have a house or an apartment and you want to get rid of odor we can help you. We are experts in pet odor removal, Marijuana smell removal and we know how to get rid of cigarette smell too. If your problem odor is urine, food smell or any unpleasant smell we can eliminate it. We guarantee satisfaction!


Our Odor Removal Services Often Cost Less Than Your Deposit.

Pet odor removal costs less than losing your deposit. So why deal with the smell in the meantime? We perform pet odor removal, cigarette and marijuana odor removal, and basically any other odor imaginable.


We Know How to Get Rid of Pet Odor Professionally

If you have pets, you probably know about the hassle of house training them. Pet urine seeps deep into the carpet pad and spreads. It also stains the carpet sometimes making the urine spots look obvious. Other times it can be hard to find urine deposits but we have a solution for that. Urine stinks! But we have a solution that isn’t the same as the “Old Redundant Technologies” like ozone, enzymes or essential oils. Our technology is unique. It’s an old technology perfected. We guarantee 99% odor elimination on treated areas.

Our gas odor removal system works well in contained areas. It is a nontoxic gas that only reacts with odor molecules. The process normally takes about half a day but it will remove all pet odors and additional odors you might have in your home.
Keep scrolling to learn about cigarette odor removal and other types of smoke odor removal.


Why Choose Our Odor Removal Over Others?

Our Gas is Completely Nontoxic

Our CLo2 Gas is completely non-toxic. It works by releasing an enzyme that breaks down odor molecules. Once released it either reacts with molecules or breaks down in the light.

Fast Non-Intrusive Services

We can remove odors in your car or in your home in just a few hours. The process is similar to fumigation but less intrusive and takes a fraction of the time.

  • Save Money Like Never Before
  • Extend the Life Of Your Carpet
  • Convenient Same Day Service*
  • Free Carpet Spotter for Life
  • Fast, Friendly Service Everytime


The Best Smoke Odor Removal in MPLS

If you have cigarette odor, the smell of marijuana in your home, or any other type of smoke odor you need removed, we can help. Like our pet odor removal process, we use a special gas that is attracted to foul odors. Once the gas is contained and released, it seeks out foul odor molecules like a magnet. If you do not use a gas, the only way to remove lingering cigarette smoke is to meticulously wash all the floors, carpets, and walls with strong chemicals and then paint the walls to trap in the small.

We provide the best cigarette odor removal and marijuana odor removal in the Minneapolis and St Paul area. We also eliminate skunk odor, onion and food odors, and remove all other odors imaginable. Contact us today to learn how we can help you remove your odors.
Serving all the major suburbs of the Twin Cities and all neighborhoods of MPLS and St Paul.


About Yep! We Fix Carpet Mpls

If you live in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, Yep! We Fix Carpets is the best pet odor removal near me. In addition to the services most odor removal companies perform, like pet odor removal, and smoke odor removal, we also perform carpet cleaning and floor cleaning which can tackle odors in every avenue possible. To us pet odor removal is not just a service; it is a way of preserving carpet for years to come. Replacing your carpet should only be the last resort.

We are the best pet odor removal specialist in Minneapolis; give us a call if you you have any foul odors. Additionally, we provide quality carpet cleaning and odor services to Burnsville, Richfield, Savage, Shakopee, Prior Lake, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Roseville, New Brighton, Golden Valley, Plymouth and all the major suburbs and cities around Mpls and St. Paul.

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