We Just Got Our Carpet Installed and Now It Needs To Be Re-Stretched. Should We Use Carpet Stretching Companies to Fix it?

Carpet wrinkles

It all started about four years ago. You were either building a house, getting carpet for the first time or replacing old carpet due to it being an outdated color or you simply just wanted to have new carpet again that was fresh and clean. Most people when thinking about buying new carpet  have no idea on;

  • where to start?
  • Who to hire?
  • Who to trust?
  • Is carpet expensive?
  • What type of carpet to buy?
  • Should we buy nylon carpet?
  • Polyester carpet?
  • Wool carpet?

The questions that arise are many, and honestly it can get stressful. You hear the advertisements about buying the carpet from them and get free installation with your purchase. I’m sure you’ve heard that advertisement before. Or you get a recommendation from a friend or family member that they “know a guy” and that they will install your carpet and do a great job. Ok.. you’re sold, you’re hired. I’ll buy the carpet and you come install it.

Wow!! The carpet looks fantastic. It’s so smooth and clean. Then the unthinkable happens. It happened at a snail’s pace and you never noticed it but all of a sudden you see this crease, this lump, maybe a bump, possibly ripples or even little waves in your carpet. You’re flabbergasted or maybe you’re not?  You were given a one year warranty, right?

You were probably expecting to have to re-stretch your carpet in some areas.

Why Use Carpet Stretching Companies in Minneapolis St. Paul?

re-stretch carpet







It all started four years ago, do you remember? The stress, the not knowing who to hire to install your carpet. Now you are in a position to have to stretch or re-stretch your carpet. Let the cycle start all over again. Now you have new questions you’re asking yourself. Why is my carpet loose? Why are there bumps, lumps, ripples, waves and creases in my carpet? Who should I hire now to stretch it? After I get my carpet re-stretched will I need to redo it again in a couple of years?

Let’s cover some of these questions.

Q.  What carpet stretching company should I hire to re-stretch my carpet?

A.   Hire a company that is IIRCR certified. Hire a carpet stretching service that uses a power stretcher when stretching your carpet. Google “carpet stretching Minneapolis” to see who comes up. Hire a company that has google reviews or some type of review from their customers to see how their experience was. Hire a company that has an online social media presence. Look at Facebook for videos and posts, See if they post on Instagram, Tiktok? Youtube channel? Google my business posts, Blogs on their website, etc.  Listen to see if they put an emphasis on having an empty room when stretching. Hire a stretching company that offers and promotes a stretch test before and after the service.

Q.  Why are there bumps, lumps and ripples in my carpet?

A.  The most common issue is poor installation practices. Using a kicker to install your carpet is not proper procedure. Carpet stretching companies that offer carpet stretching services have to use more than just a carpet kicker when installing your carpet, otherwise it will result in loose, wavy carpet at some point.

Q. Why are there ripples, waves and lumps in my carpet  2-4 years after we had our carpet installed.

A. There can be many variables that contribute to loose carpet but for the most part what I’m offering as reasons are rare and unlikely, but they could happen. Here are some possible reasons.

  • 1. Having to pull your carpet up because it got wet and you needed to remove the carpet pad.
  • 2. You’re consistently sliding heavy furniture across the room without using furniture sliders.
  • 3. Defective carpet.
  • 4. Your carpet was installed incorrectly from the beginning. Was your carpet power stretched when being installed? If your carpet was not power stretched during installation there is a strong possibility that your carpet warranty is now void. 

Q.   Will I need to stretch and re-stretch my carpet every couple of years?

A.   Absolutely not..the life of a properly stretched carpet should be 10-15 years but in reality it could last a lifetime. Carpet stretching should be an anomaly not a normality.

When looking for carpet stretching companies be sure you find a reputable one. If your only concern is a low quote or the lowest quote then it’s quite possible you’re more money cautious than a quality service or doing the job correctly.

Here’s a very simple fact. A bump, lump or ripple can be removed and look good but that doesn’t mean it was done correctly. If there’s not proper tension after the carpet stretch then the vicious cycle will only continue and you’ll be looking again for another carpet stretching company in Minneapolis to come and stretch your carpet.

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