Carpet Dyeing. What is it and is it a practical solution?

Carpet Dyeing Minneapolis

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Did bleach spill on your carpet?

Carpet dyeing was very popular back in the 70’s and 80’s, but lost market share due to the complexity of it and because of the invention of polyester carpet. Nylon and wool fibers are the two primary types of carpet or rugs that can be dyed. Dyeing is permanent and 100% colorfast. The dyes will strike immediately and are guaranteed permanent. Carpet cleaning will not reduce, remove or fade the repaired areas that were dyed. There are two main types of dyes in the industry, powdered and liquid. Powdered dyes will fade and wash out after time. Our dyes are liquid and in our opinion are the best carpet dyes in the industry. They will not wash out or reduce in color once applied. All repairs can be walked on immediately after we are finished. Plus there is zero odor to our dyes.

Carpet dyeing isn’t easy.

There’s a lot to learn in respect to dyeing carpet. The first is color theory and the second is the application of said dyes. In reality carpet dyeing is an art form and not a black and white cookie cutter application. Technique, skill and lots of practice are crucial to a successful job. Not every artist paints the same picture and dyeing is no different. If the person you hire doesn’t routinely do carpet dyeing then we can almost guarantee that your carpet repair will look like a rainbow or a different color all together.

We utilize an app that helps us with our carpet dyeing repairs.

We said it! We utilize technology to help us with our carpet dyeing repair work.  Skill, practice, routine jobs and yes, technology helps us do the best job possible for you.

Carpet dye is not paint. Carpet dye is translucent.

Carpet dyeing is not paint and will not cover stains. If a person has older carpet or even newer carpet that is stained, it is possible to dye it darker so the eye will not catch the staining. Most stains need to be reduced first then re-dyed to match the surrounding carpet. Blending in stains so your eye doesn’t catch it is a very practical solution.

Bleach spill on carpet? Bleach stain on carpet?

Bleach is our most common carpet dyeing repair. Cleaning ladies, cleaning companies or janitorial companies are notorious for spilling bleach on carpet. It’s not only bleach but sometimes acid toilet bowl cleaners are the culprits but less common. Fresh Bleach can be very tricky to neutralize and sometimes it takes effort to do so. If you spill fresh bleach on your carpet and panic, try using hydrogen peroxide to neutralize it and minimize or prevent the damage to your carpet. Bleach never stains but instead removes color. All staining is added color. Bleach always removes color from your rug or carpet.

Stain removal and carpet dyeing.

99% of all carpet cleaners cannot manipulate color in your carpet. The only carpet cleaning professionals that can do that are ones that are trained in color theory. There are tools that can severely reduce or remove foreign colors that were added by mistake to your carpet or rug. Red kool aid, red wine, coffee, mustard, curry, cumin, tea, blue spots, rust stains, urine stains, blood and so many others. We can use our very high powered light to remove or almost remove almost every carpet stain present in your carpet or rug. It’s all about manipulating the color so the eye cannot perceive it as something abnormal.

Is carpet or rug dyeing a practical solution?

Repairing the color in your carpet via carpet dyeing is the most economical carpet repair you can do. Not only are the repairs permanent but they look good too. The cost to repair your carpet this way is much, much cheaper than buying new. If the damage to your carpet is caused by the sun, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, the cleaning lady or a janitorial company we can help you. Fix it! Don’t Replace it!


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