What is the Proper Way to Install Carpet?

Powerstreching Carpet in Minneapolis

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What tools should the installer be using?

Most of our customers don’t know you can repair carpet, did you? To top it off, they’re unaware that you can stretch it too. One of our biggest inquiries from our customers is about having ripples, waves, lumps, bumps or bubbles in their carpet. Having loose carpet is a tripping hazard. Your carpet needs to be taut and flat like it was intended to be. Some are baffled as to why their carpet looks the way it does, especially since it was recently installed or you just moved into a brand new house with new carpet. The issue that causes wrinkles in your carpet is almost always poor installation from the carpet installer. When brand new carpet is being installed all the rooms are empty allowing carpet to be powerstretched. The problem is that most carpet installers do not do this anymore. All manufacturers will recommend that carpet should be installed or stretched by using a powerstretcher.

What is a Powerstretcher?

Pictures are best when describing something, especially when a tool or process is foreign to most. We included a picture so you can understand better as to why it’s important that a powerstretcher be used when stretching or installing your carpet. As you can see from the picture above, the powerstretcher stretches all the way across a vacant room. The powerstretcher is braced off of one wall and the pole extends the length of the room to the head of the stretcher. The head of the stretcher has a long handle giving us leverage to stretch the all of the carpet completely (both ends and the middle). The full field of the carpet is being stretched taut, the way it was intended.

What!? You can’t stretch my carpet with furniture in it?

First off, we’re sorry that you even have to stretch your carpet. When carpet is properly installed and stretched the likelihood of having to re-stretch your carpet is rare and very unlikely. The process of having your carpet re-stretched correctly is a huge ordeal and a daunting task, but if it’s going to be done it needs to be done right. When hiring a carpet repair company that specializes in carpet dyeing, bleach stain repair in carpet, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and all aspects of carpet repair you want to make sure that the process goes smoothly and is done to the industry standards (yes, carpet stretching has an industry standard). As you can see from the picture, having furniture in the room will not work. It’s impossible to do it right.

I called another carpet repair company and he said the room doesn’t need to be empty.

Yes we’ve heard this before. Some say you can push the furniture to the middle of the room. We guarantee that there is not another way to properly and professionally stretch your carpet that will have any lasting results unless you powerstretch it. All carpet that is stretched without a powerstretcher will most definitely become loose and will re-wrinkle. We guarantee it!

We look forward to doing the best possible job for you. If you need carpet repair, carpet stretching, carpet dyeing, bleach on carpet repair, carpet cleaning, sanitation services or any other hard surface cleaning please do not hesitate to call us.


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