Why Carpet Stretching?

Carpet Stretching in Minneapolis

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Carpet stretching helps bring carpet back to its original shape, devoid of any wrinkles or bubbles that may form over time.

Creases on your carpet may lead to the carpet getting loose and unsecured. Carpets that are in heavy traffic areas, have the wrong padding, or are poorly installed have higher chances of getting folds and wrinkles. In order to avoid this, ensure that the carpet looks new, fresh and has a long shelf life, carpet stretching is essential.

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Carpet stretching is crucial for various reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • The life of the carpet is extended. The carpet is pulled to make it tighter, firmer, and more secure. Since carpets are usually heavily trafficked, they go through regular cycles of wear and tear. Due to this, the seams may get separated, ripples could get formed throughout the carpet. This increases the risk of getting injured by tripping over the carpet.
  • A stretched and compact carpet always looks fresh and new. It may contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room it is installed in. A wrinkle-free, seamless looking carpet lays flat and smooth on a surface, complements the furniture placed around it, and is a versatile covering that can easily match any decor.
  • Carpets with ridged seams and poor stitching that have not undergone any reinforcement may be a safety hazard. People can easily trip by over the uneven creases of the carpet. A non-stretched carpet may also lead to the fibres of the carpet coming loose which might also ruin the base of the carpet.
  • The edges of the carpet may slack, which ruins the appearance and appeal of the carpet. A carpet-friendly adhesive or binding tape should be used to secure the edges of the carpet and protect the carpet from getting frayed or damaged.
  • Constantly moving the furniture placed around the carpet may increase the chances of bulges and wrinkles forming over time. The carpet should be properly installed in its initial stages and stretched at regular intervals of time.

To stretch a sizeable carpeted area, a considerable amount of labor is required for the desired result. At Yep! We Fix Carpet, we are always available to cater to these needs. For a comparatively small and compact looking carpet, a power stretcher may be used along with a few specially designated tools such as a carpet cutter, hammer, rubber mallet among others.

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A well-installed carpet will not only add to the whole appeal and charm of the house but also provide insulation, absorb unnecessary noise. This will render a quieter surrounding that exudes warmth and comfort. A cozy, plush-looking carpet can easily be used to define separate areas of the house. A well-maintained carpet also blends with the existing furniture and decor. With a little bit of maintenance, every now and then, a well-suited, stylish carpet can amplify any mundane looking space.​

We provide quality carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, dyeing and repair to Wayzata, Minnetonka, Burnsville, Richfield, Savage, Shakopee, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Prior Lake, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Roseville, New Brighton, Golden Valley, Orono, Plymouth and all the major suburbs and cities around Mpls and St Paul, Mn.

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