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The use of the term Berber when describing a flat level looped carpet can be traced back to an indigenous group of people from North Africa, The Berber people group created hand woven, distinct knot and multi-colored fleck carpet which originated from the multi-specks that were part of sheep’s wool.

Berber is a very fashionable and durable type of carpet. But there is a downside to this type of carpet. If the loops in your Berber carpet have been damaged or come loose it can cause much more damage than typical cut pile carpet and you will need help from our berber carpet repair minneapolis specialists. We call them row pulls. You might call it fibers missing from my carpet or a strand of loose carpet. Or there’s a row missing in our carpet and we need to get it fixed before it gets worse. Luckily, we can fix Berber damage by grafting in a new section of carpet or if necessary sew it.

We Can Repair Berber Carpet Damage

Even if you have intricate carpet repairs our specialists use the best carpet repair practices to ensure that complex situations look their absolute best. Repairs that look seamless and as incognito as possible is our ultimate goal. This means that you can invite friends over with confidence that your repair will look its very best and with our warranty, confident that the repair will last. If you do not have extra carpet we can take a piece from a closet or an inconspicuous area of your choosing and use that for the repair.

Color loss on Berber carpet from acid toilet bowl cleaner can cause significant damage. Almost as much as a stain from bleach. We can fix these spots with carpet dyeing.

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