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Removing Pet Odors And Urine From Carpets in Mpls, St Paul, Hudson, WI, and Surrounding Suburbs of the Twin Cities

Cat Urine, Dog Urine, And Oily Dog Hair Smell Can Be Removed Correctly Most of the Time

Odor removal technology has improved significantly, enabling the permanent or near-permanent elimination of odors to the point where they are undetectable by the human nose. Proper tools, professional training, and experience are crucial for effectively locating and removing urine odors. Advanced systems can also significantly reduce or eliminate oily dog smells. Even in the most severe cases, urine odor can be remedied if all affected areas are identified. We utilize moisture meters, specialized blacklights, visual inspections, and olfactory assessments to locate urine salts, which retain moisture indefinitely, except in very dry regions like the Southwest. Odor perception is subjective, varying from person to person. Although our systems, processes, and cleaning solutions are highly effective, we cannot guarantee complete odor removal due to the nature of odors and individual sensitivity.

Four Levels of Treatment To Meet Your Odor Removal Expectations

  • Level 1: General carpet cleaning package using advanced chemistry and processes to address basic odors, including doggy smells. This package may inhibit or reduce very light urine spots but is not typically recommended for significant dog or cat urine issues.
  • Level 2: Utilizes the latest odor-eliminating technology to saturate affected areas of carpet and padding with dog or cat urine, positively impacting the subfloor. While effective on treated areas, we cannot guarantee complete odor removal due to the subjective nature of odor perception.
  • Level 3: Involves pulling back the carpet, removing soiled padding, sealing the floor, treating the carpet, and replacing the padding. This treatment option is proven to alleviate odors, but complete odor removal cannot be guaranteed.
  • Level 4: For the most severe cases of urine contamination, this treatment includes removing and replacing soiled carpet sections, replacing the padding, and sealing the floor. While effective, complete odor removal cannot be guaranteed.

Our reputation is important to us, and addressing your urine odor issues is a priority. Our systems have been proven effective for many customers, but we recognize that we cannot satisfy everyone regarding complete odor removal. Any guarantee of complete odor removal is unrealistic. We are committed to clear communication and explaining all available options. Advances in tools, chemistry, and procedures for urine and oily dog odors have made complete odor removal possible, but locating all affected areas remains challenging even with advanced equipment.

FAQ on Urine Odor Removal

We understand your concerns, but here’s why our service is valuable. Even with advanced tools and equipment, it can be challenging to locate all affected areas. Urine might be present in places we cannot see or are not searching for. Additionally, odor perception is subjective; what smells to one person may not be noticeable to another. Our advanced chemistry is highly effective, often leading to complete eradication, but we cannot guarantee total odor removal due to these variables. However, we have many happy and satisfied customers.

Absolutely, but we will charge a discounted rate for the second visit. Our goal is to use our experience, tools, equipment, and advanced chemistry to alleviate or reduce odors as much as possible on the first visit. Our reputation is important to us, and we aim to minimize repeat visits.

We will assess the situation and inform you. Typically, Level 1 or 2 treatment is sufficient unless there’s an area that was extensively used as a litter box.

While our systems, chemistry, and tools are effective, we do not claim complete removal of odors and thus do not offer refunds for odor removal services.

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