The Best Odor Removal Services in Minneapolis


We Can Remove All Odors in Mpls, St Paul, Hudson, WI, and All Major Surrounding Suburbs of The Twin Cities.

If your odor problem is urine, food smell or any unpleasant scent we can eliminate it or severely reduce it, so it’s not an issue anymore. We guarantee satisfaction!  So, If you have a house, apartment or business and you want to get rid of an unpleasant smell we can help you. We are experts in pet odor removal, cigarette smoke odor removal, cigar smoke odor removal, musty smell odor removal, stale air odor removal and we know how to get rid of marijuana smell too.

Cat Piss Or Dog Urine Can Be Removed If Done Correctly.

Chemistry, technology and tools have radically improved over the years making it possible to severely reduce or completely remove urine in carpet or rugs from dogs, cats, rabbits or people. Dog pee or cat urine once in carpet spreads wide and depending on how often your pet goes tinkle it could also run very deep into the backing of the carpet, into the padding and sometimes into the subfloor.

We Offer Four Levels Of Treatment To Meet Your Odor Removal Expectations

  • Level 1: A general carpet cleaning-cleaning package that includes updated chemistry and processes for your most basic odors in carpet, including doggy smell. This is an excellent all around package for these general odors. Level 1 may inhibit or reduce very light tinkles of urine in carpet but this level is not typically recommended for dog or cat urine but you may benefit instantly. (very very light tinkles)
  • Level 2: We use a power packed punch of the newest odor eliminating technology that we use to saturate individual areas of carpet and pad affected with dog urine or cat pee, while doing this it will also hit the subfloor affecting it positively. (light/medium to medium urine saturation). This is a guaranteed treatment to remove odor from carpet and pad on treated areas.
  • Level 3: We pull the carpet back and remove the soiled padding, we also seal the floor. We then treat the top of the carpet removing the odor from the carpet too. We replace carpet padding with brand new padding. On treated areas this is a guaranteed treatment to alleviate all odors.
  • Level 4: This is the most extensive treatment we offer. This is for the most severe cases of urine contamination in carpet. With level four treatment we remove the section of carpet that is soiled and replace it with a new piece then we replace padding and we also seal the floor.

Newer Systems Replace Old Redundant Technologies Like Ozone

Urine stinks! Cultural odor smell. Curry stinks! Old people smell in your apartment or house? Cigarettes, Cigars, Dope, Marijuana, Crystal meth, Pipe smoke, Burnt food smell, Rotten fish, Sewage odor, Musty odor smell and any organic odor that you want removed can be removed through our odor removal system.  Our solution Isn’t the same as ozone, hydroxls, enzymes or essential oils. There is a place for said technologies but our technology is unique and will outperform those other technologies. Our technology is old but perfected. We guarantee 99% odor elimination on treated areas.

Our odor removal system works well in contained areas including Cars, Trucks, Rv’s, Limousines, busses, Trains and Airplanes. If you want to remove cigarette smoke from your car, Truck or Rv this process will do the trick.  If you want to remove Musty, Dirty, Smelly, Stinky, Odor from Hockey Uniforms? Police uniforms? Fire suits? Hockey arenas? Locker rooms? Depending on what we are treating, the process could take about half a day to a full day, sometimes two treatments, but rare.  There are different methods of treatment depending on what we are treating. Our system will knock out about any odor imaginable and will sanitize soft and hard surfaces.

Why Choose Our Odor Removal System Over Others? Because it works!

The Best Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal in Mpls

If you have cigarette odor, the smell of marijuana in your home, or any type of smoke odor you need removed, we can help. Like our pet odor removal process, we use a special gas that is smaller in size than almost any foul odor molecule. Once the gas is released in a contained area and because of its molecular make-up, size and oxidizing power it will completely destroy odor causing bacteria or molecules from emitting odors.

Curry Odor. Food Odor. Onion Smell. We Remove them all

Months or years of cooking rich tasting foods mixed with turmeric, curry, onion and different varying spices can make an apartment or house smell strong. Often times no matter what a person does they can’t get rid of the bad odor. We can get rid of it.

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