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Yep! We Fix Carpet Offers The Best Tile and Grout Cleaning in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Hudson, Wi.

What makes a great tile and grout cleaner? First is experience, second is proper cleaning solutions and third is proper equipment. Oftentimes when people are looking to get their tile and grout cleaned they call because of how dirty their grout looks, but fail to realize that their tile is more than likely so dirty that they can’t even tell due to the slow build up of filth over time. Grout lines are lower than the tile so dirty water settles in the lines and dirt builds up over time. The deception lies with the tile. Tile is mostly flat and non-porous, so when you’re mopping with your household cleaner you’re likely leaving a thin layer of sticky residue that attracts dirt and soil over time. After time this filth gets hard regular household cleaning agents will not be able to remove this kind of dirt. We also use a tile spinner something similar to a touch free car wash. We use jets that rotate in a circle (they spin). There’s not hard agitation from plastic or metal that can scratch or damage the tile, just the direct pressure of water scouring the dirt and grime from the pores of the tile and grout cleaning them thoroughly. Our cleaning solution will not leave a residue, do to the high flow and very high heat of our water. We neutralize the PH of our cleaning solution leaving your tile very bright, clean and free from soil attracting residue.

Sealing Your Tile and Grout Will Help with Future and Current Cleanings

We also recommend a surface sealer formulated specifically for your floor. Sealing your tile and grout will help with future and current cleanings. The benefits of sealing your floor are soil resistance, stain resistance and better at home cleanings.

While we are there we can fix any damage to your carpet caused by pets. It’s not uncommon for cats to scratch or pee on your carpet. Dogs also get anxious and start to dig holes under doors and claw at the carpet tearing them up. If you don’t have pet damage to your carpet it’s possible that your carpet needs stretching? Ripples, waves, buckling, or any loose carpet can jeopardize the integrity of your carpet and cause premature wearing out. It can also be a safety hazard. We offer the best tile and grout cleaning and carpet repair Minneapolis near you.

Don’t forget about our carpet cleaning. It’s a very easy transition from tile cleaning to carpet cleaning. We service the entire Twin Cities area including Maple Grove, Plymouth, Hopkins, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Chaska, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Greenwood, Orono, Brooklyn Park, Edina and Richfield.

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