Tripping Over Your Carpet to Tile Transition?


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We Repair Tile to Carpet Transitions by Stretching the Carpet to the Transition, or do a Permanent Section Repair (Strip Patch).

If your carpet is loose or pulling up in a place where your tile or hardwood and carpet meet, we can help! This happens for a number of reasons. One reason your may need tile to carpet transition Repair would be poor installation practices which would include installers failing to use glue that is made exclusively for carpet. They should apply glue to the gully between the tack strip and tile or wood. If this doesn’t happen the carpet starts to fail which now involves the backing of the carpet starting to fall apart. This is a very common repair and sometimes can be fixed by stretching the carpet to the transition, or if carpet damage is severe we would need to do a permanent section repair or better known as strip patch.

All of our repairs are warrantied and guaranteed not to fail. We can clean your carpet immediately after the repair. Did you know that we offer the best deep carpet cleaning in the twin cities? Our cleaning solutions will not contribute to rapid re-soiling in fact we offer a product that is guaranteed to retard re-soiing. Soap free, free rinsing and carbonated cleaning solutions.

Sometimes customers find themselves with many issues. The best part of Yep! We Fix Carpet is that we provide the best carpet repair and carpet color restoration all in one place. Carpet stain removal (red kool aid, red wine, blue kool aid, rust stains, curry stains, turmeric stains) This means that we are a one stop shop for everything you may need, carpet wise!

Our Goal Is A Fast Response. We Try For 15 Minutes Or Less.

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