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What are stains? Carpet stains are added color or unwanted dye in your carpet or on your furniture. Stains are always permanent. Carpet or rug staining can be devastating. They create an eyesore and sometimes mental anguish. Seems dramatic but when new carpet costs thousands of dollars and you just spilled red kool aid, wine, curry, turmeric or coffee the effects of the spill can be emotional. Lucky for you most cases of carpet staining can be remedied through oxidation or reduction with the use of our special light. At Yep! We fix carpet Minneapolis, St. Paul and Hudson we are able to push the envelope in regards to stain reduction or removal due to our expertise in carpet dyeing and our knowledge of color theory and how it interacts with dyeing.

I Spilled Bleach On My Carpet So Now I Have a Bleach Stain

Let me set the record straight, bleach does not cause staining it causes a spot. Stains are added color and bleach removes color. So really it is called a bleach spot.

I Have Stains Everywhere in My Carpet

We are the best stain removal company in Mpls. If by chance you look around and see that there are a million coffee stains, curry stains, stains from red wine or turmeric we have a solution in our opinion that works. Carpet repair is always best and the cheapest route.

Carpet Cleaning And Carpet Repair Near Me In Minneapolis is very close. In your search for stain removal don’t forget that we stretch carpet, repair damage to carpet caused by pets, especially dogs and cats. We clean-carpet thoroughly with the latest and greatest technologies and guarantee our systems will not contribute to rapid re-soiling. We use soap free, carbonated cleaning solutions that will actually contribute to soil repelling. If you live in Richfield, Edina, Bloomington, Shakopee, Chaska, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Wayzate or Hopkins we are here to help you. We also serve the whole seven county metro area.

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