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When carpet is put together it is seamed together. New carpet comes on rolls that are twelve feet wide. The twelve foot widths are put together (seamed together). If the two pieces of carpet have separated, we can help. Seams should not come apart PERIOD! So if it happens it’s typically an installation issue, water issue or it was intentionally cut do to a flood of some sort. It’s also possible that your dog or cat got a hold of it and caused unnecessary damage resulting in frayed edges or torn up edges on the seams. It isn’t a common occurrence that the glue holding the carpet seam together is worn down by foot traffic but it has happened although not common at all. If there is a need to re-seam we will need to remove the existing seam tape.

We Use the Best Carpet Repair Techniques

Using the best carpet seam repair techniques Mpls, we can carefully re-install seam tape under the seam using an innovative tool called a kool glide or if necessary we will use a seam iron.

Our Goal in Every Carpet Repair, Including Seam Repair is to Make the Seam Look as Seamless as Possible.

If full strength bleach spilled on the seam or if it spilled on the carpet it’s possible that the carpet dissolved and needs a carpet patch or redyeing if the fibers are not permanently damaged.

Our Goal Is A Fast Response. We Try For 15 Minutes Or Less.

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